NEWS!!!!!  Closing date for nominations has been extended by one week until Sept 7th 2019

Because we love advocacy

Advocacy is one of the best things in the world. 


It makes a difference to individuals, communities and society by ensuring people are heard and fully participate. 


We believe it is time to celebrate the difference the sector makes and shout about outstanding practice, people and organisations.  These awards recognise excellence within advocacy and congratulate exceptional contributions to the field of advocacy.  They are open to anyone involved in the advocacy sector.



National Advocacy Awards


The Awards are open to anyone contributing to the field of Independent Advocacy.  This includes individuals, organisations, informal groups and professionals.  We don't want to hear about good practice - we want to celebrate, share and learn about outstanding people, organisations and practice.


There are 6 categories people and organisations can be nominated in:


  1. Outstanding advocate
  2. Outstanding service
  3. Best co-production
  4. Outstanding contribution to equality and diversity
  5. Best support of advocacy
  6. Stand Out Children's Advcoacy 


Within each category, up to 4 entries will be shortlisted.  From the final shortlisted entries one winner will be announced at the National Advocacy Awards Ceremony, October 30th 2019 at Hilton Hotel, Birmingham.  Click here to book tickets for the event.


Closing date:  August 31st 2019 please send entries to


Hall of Fame

Previous winners:


Outstanding Service

2018 - Advocacy Centre North

2017 – Advocacy Focus


Outstanding Advocate

2018 - Nergjivane Syla (Advocacy Focus)

2017 - Rachel Butt (Brighton & Hove Impetus Advocacy)


Best Equality and Diversity

2018 - Reach @ Asist

2017 – Asist


Best Co-production

2018 - Just for Kids Law

2017 – My Life, My Choice


Best Supporter

2018 - Michael Flynn (Empowerment)

2017 - Jo Swinswood (Asist)


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